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More Highlights From Broughton Astley On-line :-

Broughton Astley Heritage Society

Some local residents are operating a Heritage Society. We will put up more
information about the society in time. For the moment you may contact Robert
Wrathall, the Secretary, Tel: (01455) 285366 or Cynthia Thomas, the Chairman
on Tel: (01455) 282 622.

We started a web page a long time ago but did not complete it. Some of the details
there may now be inaccurate. The group has some other pages here.

Canine Rescue

A rescue association for the Samoyed breed.

What's On Pages

For Broughton Astley events, go to the News Channel.
And for events outside of Broughton Astley, go to Neighbours' What's On.

Birthdays and Marriages

Is someone you know having a Birthday soon? Surprise them with a free entry on
our Birthdays Noticeboard. And if they haven't got a computer, well buy them one!
500 is enough for a powerful new machine with sound, a printer and an internet
link (modem), if you shop around.

Someone just engaged or getting married? Free entry on our Weddings Noticeboard...

Organic Corner

A concise Introduction to organic farming and gardening. More will be added later.

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