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"Elohim Creating Adam" by William Blake


This site is operated by Broughton Astley resident, John Peirson,
a Software Engineer with a background in Science, Mathematics,
Electronics and High Tech applications of computing.

My personal interests are in promoting human evolution and an awareness
of the spiritual nature of mankind.

Links: Meta Modern Era, Learn Meditation, Subtle Body, Meditation,
Showcase 1
, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Sahaja Yoga Links, Friends

Contact Details

You can EMail to me as:

using an image to avoid the capture of this address by automated internet programs
Please put "BANET Office -" in the subject field, plus the topic or title.

Postal address: 29 Malling Avenue, Broughton Astley, Leicester. LE9 6QS

Free Web Page Hosting

If you develop a personal Internet page, I will install it at Broughton Astley On-Line,
say for about one year, completely free.

If you do not have the ability to make the page for yourself, I will do that for a
nominal charge of only 3.75, or 5.00 if you need me to scan one or two images
to go on your page.

Try to contact me initially by EMail, as above. Later on, I may need to receive
some material by hand, to help with page design and content, such as a photograph
or hobby journal, or any sketch you have made of your preferred page layout, etc.

If you are under 16, first I would also need permission from a parent or guardian
or your school/college teacher and second, there will be a small prize or two offered
during the summer for the best web page(s).

[Resident's Web Pages] [Neighbours' Web Pages]

Free Internet

It arrived and its in Broughton Astley Library.  (2002)


For the photographs used in the Village Tour, I would like to thank
Orchard Primary School and the Parish Council.

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