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SEARCH HELP - These tips will help you find the most relevant pages:

  • Use several words which relate to your interest -
    For example: sport training football five-a-side

  • Put quotes around words which make a key phrase or a name -
    For example: "awake the dawn, that sleeps in heaven"
    For example: "special offers"
    For example: "Jackie Ward"

  • Add a plus to indicate that the topic or phrase must be present -
    For example: cost hire +"table tennis" +tennis
    This should avoid a page that is only about cycle hire

  • Add a minus sign to indicate a topic which you prefer to avoid -
    For example: club -drug

  • Use capital letters to avoid lower case matches -
    For example: Microsoft Word
    This should find pages with 'Word' but not with 'word'
    And pages with Microsoft, even if not Word

  • Using lower case will also pick up capitals -
    For example: author writer word
    This would find: 'word' and 'Word' and 'WORD' and even 'words'

  • Try additional topic words with similar meanings -
    For example: price cost fee bill
    For example: website web site internet

  • If unsure about spelling try more than one -
    For example: "health center" "health centre"

Pages near the top of the results list are likely to be the most suitable.

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