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Any of the following features may be included, at additional cost, to support a basic entry:

- A link to an external website from the business name in the entry and from any Contact Page.

- Additional web pages at Broughton Trader. The display of a business Logo and an Image is included.

- An internet Domain Name, linking to web pages at Broughton Trader. We register the domain and set up a link.

- A Profile Page, combining the information available on a Summary Page and a Contact Page, as described below.

- A Summary Page, allowing business name, two telephone numbers and an overview of the services and expertise available.

- A Contact Page, allowing business name, permitted keyword(s), postal address, two telephone numbers, email address, fax number.

- For a Profile Page, see Croft Hair & Beauty's profile, under Beauty & Hairdressing.

- For a Summary Page, see Jon Brailsford's summary, under Carpenters & Joiners.

- The Domain Name,  links, by way of example, to an About Us page.

- For a Contact Page, with additional images and a map link, see the page for Blaby Building Supplies.

- For a Classified entry, plus two Broughton Trader pages, see P.W. Steans & Sons under Painting & Decorating.
Consultation & Fees

We will consider the information you supply and suggest suitable options for you and identify the associated costs. There will be no charge for this. Fees will be for one year from the official launch of the Broughton Trader website. We will also advertise your business before the launch.

Our rates are confidential but registered customers will be given the costs for the basic entries and the above extras. Costs will also be indicated for images or a link to an external map or for further telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses and web links. There will be no VAT.
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