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Please contact us, by email or by post, to ask for an entry at Broughton Trader. Tell us as much as you wish about yourself and your business. We will be happy to look at any of your leaflets or brochures or details of previous marketing activity and to read any comments which you have on past results or your ideas for the future.

Also send us £24, when we ask you, to register for advertising on the site. This is not a registration charge. It is a non-returnable deposit, towards fees for advertising your business on the Broughton Trader website after the official launch date. If we decide not to register your business, we will inform you and we will not ask you to send any deposit.

Payments by cheque should be made payable to JOHN PEIRSON. Please note the E-I-R !

If you decide not to make any further payment after registration, we will select a location and style for your advertising, taking into account any comments you make and information supplied. We will simply run your advertising for less than a full year, on a reasonable pro rata basis. We will provide a Contact Page if you wish but not a second web page! Depending on the choices made, our service would provide you with between 3 and 9 months of advertising after the launch.
Additional Payments

We will ask you for part or all of any additional payment before the official launch. Fees for agreed work become due for payment when we ask you for them and you should pay within 14 days. You might pay, instead, within 90 days for an extra 4% added to the fees, by prior agreement.

In the unlikely event that any cheque from you bounces, we will charge you an extra £12 because we will have to pay for the return of the cheque.
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