Nasreddin Hodja sitting backwards on a donkey - Artist Fatih M. DurmusNasreddin Hodja borrowed a large cooking pot from a neighbour for a few days. Before he returned the pot, he put a smaller pot inside.

Seeing the small pot the neighbour enquired: "What is that?" Hodja replied: "Oh, your pot gave birth."

The neighbour was confused but he accepted the two pots.

Some days later, Hodja borrowed the large cooking pot again but he never returned it. When the neighbour asked for his pot, Hodja exclaimed: "I am very sad to tell you that your pot died recently!"

"Don't be foolish, Hodja," said the neighbour. "Cooking pots don't die."

"Are you sure?" asked Hodja. "It didn't surprise you to hear that your pot had given birth."
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