Shri Mataji with a red shawl
Sahaja Yoga in Europe
First Six Abstracts For Showcase Index 6

  1. Gallery - Shri Mataji Laughing - Photograph indicating great amusement, eyes closed tightly. Close-up of head and shoulders. Top of Shri Mataji's head.

  2. Testimonial - Helja Kallioinen - Sceptical lady went to hear Shri Mataji speak in Australia in 1981. What she remembers most. Brief comments on personal experiences. Conclusions and recommendation.

  3. Gallery - Godiva Festival, 2005 - Three photographs of Meditation Workshop at annual festival in Coventry, England. Eight people meditating. Four Sahaja Yogis working.

  4. Humour - Nasreddin Hodja - Charismatic personality from Turkish folklore, roughly 13th century. His brand of wisdom and humour has endeared him to countless generations.

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