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Local Life Essay Competition - Story from 18 April 2001

Towards the end of last year the Parish Council ran an Essay Competition for local children. They were invited to write about life in Broughton Astley in the year 2000.

In about a weeks time the prizes will be awarded, at the ceremony for burying the village's Millenium Time Capsule.

The Editor has been able to see some of the entries, perhaps the 'shortlist' for prizes, and they were an excellent bunch. No great shocks contained. Clearly Broughton has both good and bad points. I will list many of the comments and some of the authors who particularly impressed me.

Pro-Broughton Astley:

- You can see horses.
- People are friendly.
- Not too many bullies.
- I have a lot of friends.
- Some brand new buses.
- Two very nice churches.
- Lots of after school clubs.
- Surrounded by elegant countryside.
- Being a kid in Broughton Astley is cool.
- I like Broughton Astley because I like football.
- It is environmentally friendly. There are recycling bins.
- The village library always has a good selection of books.
- It has a home for the old people and I think that's important.
- In Spar and Fosters you can buy sweets for just a few pence.
- Broughton should stay a village.
[Editor: A small but unanimous vote.]
- Having lived before in a busy city, it is nice to be in the countyside.
- Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Brownies, Guides, Girls Brigade, Boys Brigade.
- Just the right amount of shops and the industry is just out of the village.
- We had a millenium stone put in our village and I think it is really great.
- Teachers at Orchard Primary School are all nice and they don't leave very often,
   so you get to know them better.

And some Cons:

- Not enough litter bins.
- Too many hairdressers.
- Too much litter and dog poo.
- Not enough places for children to play.
- I am aged 10.. and too much homework.
- People have started letting dogs out on their own.
- Many people drive too fast and roads can be dangerous.
- Too much house building, reducing wildlife habitats and open spaces.
- Not enough transport for the village. For example, to swimming pools.
- Large trucks visit the Co-op, but there is no crossing for pedestrians.
- The Library is a bit small, it is not open enough and there is no Internet.
- Not very good parks.. Many facilities are babyish.. You can soon get bored..
- There should be a sand pit, a climbing frame and a picnic area just outside the park.
- A Leisure Centre would reduce vandalism. Most vandals are young people with nothing to do.
- The thing I don't like about the school is how much people get hurt and how little fresh air we have.
[Orchard Primary]
- Some people.. like drawing on walls, kicking and pulling fences down and pushing their friends around.
- I don't really like going down the park because that is where people sell drugs and hurt people, and
  the toilets are never in a good condition because normally they smell terrible.

Top Authors, according to the Angel, were:

Aaron Dann who plays football
and rugby and swims, but
outside Broughton Astley,
and here he is:

Elizabeth Frost's report, with photographs was professional. It would form a valuable addition to the
local information already on this website, which is called "Tour of Broughton Astley", found on
the Home Page.  So, Elizabeth.  How about it?

The essays from Luke Smith and Jessie Morris were very interesting to read and well illustrated.

And we need your story... Have you got news?

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