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Reporters For The Angel - Sport

This Community Newspaper is looking for reporters who can collect and prepare
local news. Some news is expected to be sent by the public and some might be
actively sought by the reporters, if they have strong interests in particular fields.

A Sports Reporter would be particularly welcome. For example, if you take a look at
the April Newsletter for the Thomas Estley Community College, it is clear that many
of our junior sports people are having outstanding success.

Reporters will need to use EMail and to have a moderate aptitude for assessing and
editing written material. The positions are voluntary, i.e. unsalaried, but also very
much part-time.

"The Broughton Chronicles"

A serialisation of memories of Broughton Astley life has been launched at Broughton
Astley On-Line. The final chapters of Part 1, that is 7, 8 and 9 are now live. Part 2, by a
different author, has started its presentation here.

Another Website Or Two For Broughton Astley

Steven Clark has a local website at

This follows ourselves at Broughton Astley On-Line and Mr. Ridgley at To make it easier for people to follow all these internet
developments, a domain name of has also been
registered (with no hyphen) and it provides links to each of the three main
Broughton Astley sites.

To view the new links page, just click here or find it on our Home page.

"Information and Communications Technology" Harborough

FAO: John Peirson 14 September 2000 - Dear John,

I am delighted to let you know that we have been notified of our success in a bid for 500K
funding to set up a high technology learning network for the Harborough District. The
award has been made to the South Leics Council for Voluntary Services (SLCVS - Banet page),
collaborating with Mass Mitec. The 3 year project is designed to do the following :-

1. Establish an advanced Community Learning and Media Centre at Knoll House on
Union Wharf Canal Basin

2. Provide a mobile media technology centre to visit 60 rural villages over 3 years,
working with the local communities on multimedia village appraisals, developing video,
digital photo archives, community web sites and publications.

3. To provide funding for each of those 60 village communities to set up their own community
internet and learning access point in ways which the local people determine and manage.

The award is subject to finalising the fine details... I believe the whole of Harborough
District will benefit from a project to make Harborough District world leaders
in Community Development through Information Communication Technology.

From David Wortley, Mass Mitec (EMail link)

"Information and Communications Technology" Broughton

27 September 2000 - Hello John,

Just some progress you might be interested in. You must know by now that we
have been allocated a DfEE grant to start ICT Centres in the Harborough District.
With the grant we can help communities putting ICT Centres together.

The Broughton Astley Parish Council has shown a very positive approach and has
allocated space to set up the centre. We will be assisting them with choosing
the right equipment, running seminars and setting up training classes.

I will keep you posted on any further developments.

Regards, Dick Van Aken (EMail link)

(Note from the Webmaster, updated March 2002: Dick was the Harborough District's "ComKnet"
Project Co-ordinator, based at Nottingham Trent University. He no longer has that role but is now
working for Mass Mitec in Lubenham. Mass Mitec are, broadly, multi-media and internet
application specialists.)

And we need your story... Have you got news?

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